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Introducing our Shield Face Towel Packs (12" x 12") – an economical and practical solution for your daily skincare routine. Sized conveniently at 12 inches by 12 inches, these face towels offer a soft and gentle touch to pamper your skin.

Crafted with care, our Shield Face Towel Packs are made from high-quality materials that prioritize both comfort and durability. The compact size makes these face towels perfect for various uses, from daily face cleansing to travel and gym needs.

The Shield Face Towel Packs come in an economical pack, ensuring you have a steady supply of fresh and clean face towels. The neutral and versatile color options make them suitable for various settings and preferences.

Easy to care for, these face towels are machine washable, allowing for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Enjoy the freshness and softness of a clean face towel with each use, enhancing your skincare routine.

Upgrade your daily skincare regimen with the practicality and comfort of our Shield Face Towel Packs. Experience the gentle touch of these compact and economical face towels, designed to make your skincare routine a breeze.

Color Range: 

  • White


    • 100% Cotton


    • 12" x 12"