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Introducing our luxurious Pool Towel, designed to elevate your poolside experience with both style and functionality. Measuring a generous 24 inches by 48 inches, this towel provides ample coverage for your lounging needs while ensuring maximum comfort.

Crafted from high-quality, ultra-absorbent materials, our Pool Towel is designed to quickly wick away moisture, leaving you feeling dry and refreshed after a dip in the pool. The soft and plush texture adds a touch of indulgence, making it perfect for wrapping yourself in comfort or lounging on poolside chairs.

The vibrant and eye-catching design of our Pool Towel not only serves as a practical accessory but also adds a pop of color to your pool or beach ensemble. Whether you're enjoying a sunny day by the water or hosting a poolside gathering, our towel effortlessly combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Durability is a key feature of our Pool Towel, ensuring it stands up to frequent use and washing. The high-quality construction ensures that the towel maintains its softness and vibrant colors over time, making it a reliable and long-lasting addition to your pool or beach essentials.

Indulge in the luxury of our Pool Towel – the perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability for all your aquatic adventures. Upgrade your poolside experience with this essential accessory that combines practicality with a touch of elegance.

The Luxury Pool Towel provides optimal coverage, absorbency, and versatility. Use on the beach or poolside as a vacation accessory, or treat yourself to spa quality towels at home. Pool Towel is extra absorbent and practical for quick drying, ample coverage, or comfortable lounging. Professionally hemmed edges are carefully crafted to enhance towel's quality and durability. Towels are highly absorbent and will remain soft after multiple wash and dry cycles.

Color Range: 

  • White with Blue Stripe


  • 100% Cotton


  • 24" x 48"