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Discover the perfect harmony of support and luxury with our Micro Gel Memory Foam Standard Pillow. Designed to redefine your nightly rest, this pillow seamlessly blends the plush comfort of memory foam with the innovative cooling properties of micro gel particles.

The memory foam core molds to the unique contours of your head and neck, offering personalized support and relieving pressure points for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience. The incorporation of micro gel ensures optimal breathability, providing a cool and refreshing feel throughout the night.

This standard-sized pillow is a versatile addition to any bedroom, offering the ideal balance of functionality and comfort. The hypoallergenic nature of the materials makes it an excellent choice for those with allergies, creating a sanctuary of tranquility for your sleep.

With a removable and washable cover, this pillow is not only a testament to comfort but also practicality, making maintenance a breeze and ensuring long-lasting quality.

Elevate your sleep routine with the Micro Gel Memory Foam Standard Pillow – where innovation meets coziness, and each night promises a restful and rejuvenating experience.

Pillows generously filled with 100 % Micro Gel Filling give you the ultimate comfort & relax.Memory Gel Pillow and Double Sided Flip Pillow with 2 surfaces. Advanced Cooling Technology. Soft Touch.

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  • White


    • 100 % Micro Gel Filling


    • Standard Size