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Pillows generously filled with 100%Cluster Fiber Filling to give you the ultimate comfort & relax. These pillows are manufactured in the high quality materials to ensure comfort and support to ensure a good night’s rest. It also provide best features for our body like Relief of back and neck pain. Ideal for all sleeping positions - back, side, stomach.

COMFORTABLE SOFT & FLUFFY: Providing that comfy plush fluff that you have been looking for. You will be pleasantly surprised with your upcoming night's sleep! Designed with your comfort in mind, we have created these pillows to have the right amount of plush fluff that will make it hard for you to get out of bed in the morning.

QUALITY PACKAGING: Our packaging is unique. Unlike most of our competitors, we didn't hold back on our packaging. As can be seen in our pictures we think quality pillows deserve quality packaging. Great for gifts, it's a lovely surprise when opening your towelbay box in the mail. The pillows come vacuum sealed inside the packaging. A few short moments and they'll fluff out nicely.

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  • White


    • 100%Cluster Fiber Filling


    • King Size